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AM 36-K Ampoules Gold Glow Mask **LIMITED SET** FOC 1 ROSE MASK

RM 268.00

AM 36K Gold Mask


1. 逆龄
2. 抗老化
3. 抗皱
4. 改善凹凸洞
5. 清除毛孔/黑头粉刺
6. 去除皮肤表面的杂质
7. 清理疏畅和收敛毛孔
8. 使皮肤光滑白皙
9. 滋润,结实及紧肤效果
10. 年轻化,保持青春 

  • Help to refine and clear skin pores. 
  • Moisturizers and uplift skin.
  • Lighten skin texture.


Apply a thin layer of serum mask evenly onto cleansed face. Avoid contact

with eyes, eyebrow, eyelashes, nostrils mouth and hair. Wait at least 30 minutes

until the mask is totally dry before peeling off the mask. Follow up the further 

facial treatment.


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