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AM Derma Skin Care Set

RM 238.00

Set of 4 for severe acne skin bottle 

适合严重痘痘肌肤 一套4瓶

- Derma Care Cleansing Gel 洁净凝胶 30ml

- Purifying Gel 淨化凝胶 40g

- Derma Care Lotion 护肤液 30ml

- Derma Care Herbal 草药 5g


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Derma Care Herbal

* Adopting 100% pure Herbal ingredients as its formula, Derma Care Herbal effectively helps prone to pimples and those with excessive secretion of sebum. Meantime, it soothes pimples and sensitive skin, making skin healthy and promoting immune system.
* 采用100%纯中草药成分,其计算公式,德马护理中药有效帮助容易出现粉刺和皮脂分泌过多的。与此同时,舒缓粉刺和敏感的皮肤,使皮肤健康,促进免疫系统。

Derma Care Cleansing Gel

* This Derma Care Cleansing Gel is an outstanding product, it contains antiseptic ingredients to help lessen the frequency of an acne flare-ups removes all impurities, reduces excess oil prevent blackheads and blemishes on your skin.
* 这德马护理洁肤凝胶是一个优秀的产品,它含有杀菌成分,以帮助减轻痤疮的发作频率,去除所有杂质,减少多余油脂,防止你的皮肤上的黑头和瑕疵。

Derma Care Lotion

* Comprising a wide variety of vegetal essence, its mild nature is exclusively for people with oily and sensitive skin afflicted with pimples, its functions are as follows :
~ Removing dead skin cells and promoting skin metabolism, it rids skin of blockage.
~ Reducing the excessive secretion of sebum, it helps contract pores.
~ Fading marks left by pimples, it generates fair and healthy skin.

Purifying Gel

* Exclusively for people with oily and sensitive skin prone to pimples, it clarifies skin right to its base suppressing the excessive secretion of sebum, reducing the incidence of blockage and pimple formation.
* 专为油性及敏感皮肤容易以丘疹,澄清其基抑制皮脂分泌过多的皮肤权,减少堵塞和疙瘩形成的发病率。

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