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AM I Essence 18ml

RM 99.06

Coordinate with advanced skills and pueraria lobata root extract as main ingredient, I Essence brings incredible effects on skin.

  • Moisturizing dehydrated skin
  • Improve fine lines
  • Minimize clogged pores
  • Easy to be absorbed
  • Refine pores and firming skin
  • Non Greasy after used


Main Ingredients: Aqua, Prunus Arnygdalus  Dulcis Oil, Puearia lobate root extract, Polysobate 20, Polyacrylic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Imidozolidinyl Urea, Sodium Hyrdoxide

When to use: I Essence is for people with very sensitive skin because their skin was sensitized by non-AM products which could be too acidic or abrasive in their ingredients. As their skin are now hyper-sensitive, they can use I Essence before applying AM Balancing Cream. For serious Acne skin, I Essence can be applied before Derma Lotion, Balancing Cream and Day Cream.

配合高级技术和葛根提取物作为主要成分,I Essence为肌肤带来难以置信的效果。

  • 滋润脱水的皮肤
  • 改善细线
  • 尽量减少堵塞的毛孔
  • 容易被吸收
  • 细化毛孔并紧致肌肤
  • 使用后不油腻

主要成份:Aqua,李属Arnygdalus Dulcis油,葛根叶提取物,Polysobate 20,聚丙烯酸,苯甲酸钠,Imidozolidinyl尿素,Sodium Hyoxideoxide

何时使用:I Essence适用于皮肤敏感的人群,因为他们的皮肤被非AM产品敏感,这些产品的成分可能太酸性或磨蚀。 由于他们的皮肤现在超敏感,他们可以在使用AM平衡霜之前使用I Essence。 对于严重的痤疮皮肤,I Essence可以在Derma Lotion,平衡霜和日霜前使用。

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