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AM Seaweed Aqua Ice Gel

RM 68.00

Product Description

Seaweed Aqua Ice Gel 

它是属于Gel状的,涂上它就感觉冰冰凉凉,像是把芦荟涂一层在脸上,大家可以把它当作sleeping mask晚安面膜来使用,代替night cream的step.  



 建议使用: 干燥缺水肌肤:

可以每天使用,建议隔天一次一天Seaweed aqua 一天 night cream

❤️ 敏感痘痘肌肤:建议一个星期使用1-2次就可以了

❤️ Seaweed Aqua Ice Gel 

It's Gel-like, and when you put it on it, it's cold, like a layer of aloe on your face, and you can use it as a sleeping mask for goodnight facial mask, instead of night cream's step. 

Suitable for what skin? 

 Suitable for all types of skin, for severe water shortage, dryness, aging skin is the most helpful for more moisturizing 

Suggested use: Dry and dehydrated skin: 

Can be used daily. It is recommended that Seaweed aqua night cream be used once every other day. 

 ️ Sensitive acne skin: Use 1-2 times a week is recommended  ️

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