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Anmyna Make Up Remover 安米娜卸妆棉 (50pcs)

RM 99.00

ANMYNA Makeup Removing Essence Cotton

Have you got your makeup removed? Even without makeup, there is a need to remove all the impurities and dust on the face. Only one piece of Anmyna Makeup Removing Essence Cotton is needed for the entire face. Water based, non-oily formula. Suitable for all skin type even sensitive skin. Effectively yet gently to remove impurities and makeup even waterproof makeup. Won’t caused dryness and irritation. Comes with 50pcs cotton wipes + 50pcs refill cotton wipes + 15pcs exfoliating cotton.

Anmyna Makeup Removing Essence Cotton has the essence of pure plant formula, thus avoiding of the loss of skin moisture while removing your make up, and it is completely non-greasy. It is a natural cotton velvet manufacturing and very mild. It will not hurt your skin even when you repeatedly wipe your skin due to it is a zero stimulation remover. Easy and quick to remove your make up with good mildness, even are waterproof makeup can also be easily to remove.

ANMYNA Makeup Removing Essence Cotton superior efficacy:

  • Natural Extract: contains witch hazel Cuiqu liquid, no alcohol, colorings, safe non-irritating.
  • Fresh and supple: the effective lock moisture, Cleansing the skin fresh and supple, not greasy.
  • Remover cotton pads: Origin type remover cotton pads, pink plane containing exfoliating particles, leaving skin newborn metamorphosis other side is 100% cotton, for daily cleaning remover.
  • Deep clean: moisturizing decontamination, gently wipe adsorption, the residual between the skin texture and pores in the dirt.
  • Enhance the skin: lighten the burden of skin, promote blood circulation, skin clean and elastic.

Benefits of ANMYNA Makeup Removing Essence Cotton

  • The plant formula, mild stimulation
  • Cleansing step
  • Deep net through zero residue
  • The lock is not tight water
  • The double-sided double-effect
  • Easy Remover more professional
  • More environmental conservation
  • The skin-friendly skin does not hurt
  • Convenient
  • One-step makeup remover
  • Deep clean pores
  • Caring your skin health.


你把你的化妆品去掉了吗? 即使没有化妆,有需要清除脸上的所有杂质和灰尘。 只需要一件ANMYNA安米娜卸妆棉整个脸。 水性,非油性配方。 适合所有皮肤类型,甚至敏感的皮肤。 有效地轻轻地去除杂质和化妆甚至防水化妆。 不会造成干燥和刺激。 配有50pcs棉湿巾+ 50pcs补充棉湿巾+ 15pcs去角质棉。



  • 天然提取物:含有金缕梅Cuiqu液体,无酒精,着色,安全无刺激。
  • 新鲜和柔软:有效锁水分,清洁肌肤新鲜和柔软,不油腻。
  • 卸妆棉垫:原产类型去除棉垫,粉红色飞机含有去角质颗粒,离开皮肤新生蜕变另一面是100%棉,用于日常清洁去除。
  • 深层清洁:保湿去污,轻轻擦拭吸附,残留在皮肤肌肤与毛孔之间的污垢。
  • 增强肌肤:减轻皮肤负担,促进血液循环,皮肤清洁弹性。


  • 植物配方,轻度刺激
  • 清洁步骤
  • 通过零残留深网
  • 锁没有紧水
  • 双面双效
  • 易卸卸更专业
  • 更环保
  • 皮肤友好的皮肤不伤害
  • 方便快捷
  • 卸妆一步到位
  • 深层清洁毛孔
  • 呵护健康肌肤。

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