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Belree Protecting Day Cream 20gm

RM 225.00


Belree Protective Day Cream  contain natural Pinecone Extract,various herbal and botanical extract,plus anti-bacterial,anti-inflammation enzymes and abundant of vitamins to give you that effective long lasting fairness.The main active ingredient used in Belress's Protective Day Cream are pinecones (from Korea) which are high in antioxidants such as Vitamins A,Vitamin B complex group,Viamin C,Vitamin E and other antioxidants which are crucial to develop resistance against infectious agents and scavenge harmful free radical.

Belree Protective Day Cream  helps to decompose and eliminate black spots,freckles,pigmentation and bacterial caused acne. Long term usage of this product,gives you a soft,fair,supply and hydrated complexion.

Direction: Apply approx. 1gm (size of a red bean) onto the skin after cleansing (Morning). Repeat 2-3 times daily.

Storage: Keep in cool & dry place. 

Weight: 20gm



本品含有天然增白元素《BEARBELRRY》以及各种营养植物所提炼的营养激素 配合抗菌素 消炎素 多种维他命调配而成具有双重增白因子 直接分解去除已经形成的【黑斑】【雀斑】种种【斑点】以及被细菌所感染而成的【脸疤 】   

效果: 美白、淡斑、消炎、杀菌(会生青春痘是因为有细菌发炎)、保湿、光泽、SPF15防晒、改善膚色不均問題 *取代了 BBCream,Foundation,代替化妆品 #   

使用方法   : 先洗净脸部, 再取本品1gm (约5粒米大)。点状涂于脸上,1天2-3次。  


重量: 20gm

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