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Thanks Ai Joyfil UC-II 非变型II胶原蛋白 1pack x 15sheets

RM 300.00

In order to take full advantage of non-denatured type II collagen, the main component of Joyfil, a state-of-the-art production method is adopted to manufacture the product in film type without breaking the molecular structure. Salmon nose cartilage from Hokkaido is used as raw material, combined with valuable natural ingredients extracted by our original technology.

Easy To Consume

Film-coated type that you can consume without water, whenever and wherever you feel the need for easy replenishment.Supports the body's joints for those who enjoy sports, or for those who want to lead a comfortable and care-free lifestyle.

Natural Form of Active Collagen

Contains a natural form of active collagen II, which allows you to replenish the cartilage that tends to decrease with age. Carefully made using nasal cartilage from salmon caught in Hokkaido, Joyfil contains only valuable naturally-occurring ingredients that are extracted using our unique method.

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在軟骨中主要組成的物質當中,40%為膠原蛋白,10%為葡萄糖胺,所以膠原蛋白為軟骨組成的主要原料,葡萄糖胺則在軟骨外圍的軟骨黏液中。臨床研究發現,退化性關節炎主因之一,為免疫系統攻擊軟骨組織,導致關節紅、 腫、熱、痛、僵硬或是活動受到限制。


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